the lost art of letter writing

You remember letters, they come through the post from friends and family, full of news from their lives .... I used to do it quite a lot, then emails, texting, facebook and twitter came along and suddenly it was easier to keep up with people on line. Don't get me wrong, I love all of the above and facebook especially means I can keep up with people the other side of the world and its lovely. But I miss letters and worry that I will soon forget how to write them. I tend to only write letters twice a year, thank you letters after my birthday and Christmas and the odd postcard to by beautiful niece.

I have a box of letters under my bed, sent to me throughout my life .... I keep letters more than emails ... why? cos they seem more precious ... I could never get rid of the letters Nanny sent me or my Gran or great auntie ... letters my little brothers sent me when I went to America at the age of 18 ... precious memories.

One of my New Year goals was to keep in touch with people more and one way to do that is writing letters, so I am going to really try hard and write some letter before I forget how!
So watch out for the postman!!


  1. oooh lovely post! It is lovely to have those personal hand written letters isn't it. I think about my parents and the letters they wrote to each other when they were apart expressing their love for each other and hopes for the future. Does that happen any more? Do couples write love letters to each other to keep and cherish? I hope so! Emails just aren't quite the same are they? you have inspired me to try and write some letters even if it's just to my Nephews, Nieces and Goddaughters xxx

  2. Ooh I hope people do still write love letters ... the post office wont know whats hit them!! hehe
    Maria x


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