late night ramblings

I don't usually blog about bad days ... I don't like to dwell on them, I want my blog to be a happy positive place. But we all get bad days ... days where we just want to cry for no reason and go back to bed (obviously often there is a reason, and we know why its a bad day) but sometimes we just feel blue. I felt like that today ... this morning was ok, but as the afternoon wore on I felt worse and worse ... and what did I do? I did what I haven't done for a very long time and ate some chocolate for emotional comfort ... I thought I would try the new Kit Kat Pop Choc ... so I did .... a whole packet ... they are very nice .... very very nice ....... but my poor body that isn't used to such delights anymore felt very sick after.
I did stop wanting to cry though!

I can think of a few reasons why I have been a little down, and I know they are not helped by some very late nights ... lots in fact .... like tonight ... I managed to get to bed just before midnight, but I am fighting sleep (why? I don't know ... I love sleep!)

........ Anyway enough rambling for tonight,
Goodnight, sleep well x


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