mid-year resolutions and mollie makes

I feel that this last month has been on the one half GREAT!! ... Easter, family & friend visitors, hen party, birthday and a new camera! but it has also been a little bit bad ... I have let slip some good habits and feel that is now beginning to effect me.

My rule of not taking my laptop to bed has totally lapsed this means I am online till the wee-hours of the morning when I should be catching up with my beauty sleep (.... and now I have had my birthday, I am more in need of it than ever! hehe) I am also going to bed far too late.

I am drinking far too much 'real' tea ... which means that my intake of a lovely glass of cold water or a cup of green tea which is far better for me has reduced.

Due to visitors and special occasions I have stopped writing down what I am eating ... to some of you this may seem a little obsessive, but some of you on a diet will understand ... its so easy to eat more or what you are not meant to when you are not keeping a check on it. I haven't been really naughty, but I haven't been really, really good either, which I need to be to lose weight.

Because I am tired I am not bothering to do my knee exercises which of course means I am in more pain, and this has a general effect on my mood.

I know this is all self inflected and all boils down to having an earlier bed time ... its amazing how much of a knock on effect I know this has to everything ... so this blog post is just me reminding myself how having a month off from a good routine isn't that great!

Starting today I am going to be a good girl!

I treated myself to a new magazine on Monday while I was in town, and when I say 'new' I mean 'NEW' ... it was issue 1 of Mollie MAKES ... and I haven't put it down since ... it is full of making, thrifting, collecting and crafting and I highly recommend it if you are after a creative vintage life.

I bought mine from W.H. Smiths £4.99 ... but there is a form inside where you can subscribe and try the first 3 issues for only £5

You can follow them on twitter @MollieMakes and on facebook.

I will definitely be getting it again :)


  1. oh I so identify with all of this and so I will join you! lets be good girls together :-) xxx


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