basket for my nails

As you may have gathered over the last few months ... I have been enjoying doing my nails ... so much so that my usual pot of clear nail varnish and its friend my pot of gold nail varnish have been joined by about 10 others (mostly shades of pink! hehe) ... well for a few weeks I have been on the look out for something to put my ever growing nail varnish collection in ... well today I found it ... a pretty little wooden basket ... in the antiques centre of all things (although it isn't old!)

... and look ........ lots more room for other varnishes that may come along!

To celebrate my new container, I have re-done my nails ... spotty dotty ...


  1. very Dotty, Dotty Maria ;-)

    They look lovely and what a cute basket for them xxx

  2. oooh love the little basket and fab dotty nails ;)

  3. thanks you! I keep looking at them and am not getting much work done! hehe
    Maria x


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