shades of pink

It's sooo hot ... I am meant to be studying, but I am just too hot ... now inspired by CRAFTYMINX's lovely nails I bought some shades of pink nail varnish this morning from the factory shop ... only £1 each!

Painting my nails is about where my concentration has been this afternoon, so here they are ...

... the little one on the end I already had ...

Shades of pink ... I love them! and I am really loving the nail varnish ... it's made by New York Color. I have bought nail varnish cheap before and it has been horrid and rubbish, but this is lovely ... I have to go back into town tomorrow so may just have to pop back in there and see what other colours I can get!

Well me and my pink nails really should start studying ... its raining heavily now so hopefully it will clear the air.

and here is a moodboard to keep me in the pink mood!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx