dilly photo shoot

I love taking photos when I am walking Dilly-dog, usually of flowers, trees or the view but hardly ever of Dilly herself as she never stops ... she is always running and exploring!
... I managed to get some today though ...

... isn't she the most beautiful doggy!

I started weaving this strap as a strap for my camera, but have decided to make a cover for the strap I already have and personalise it that way ... so this weaving has been made into a strap for a bag! ...
The clips at the end are quite chunky and are metal so should be strong!
I love the colours ... but not sure they go with my red camera ;)

The house next door is up for sale ... it has been for a few months ... it is a really sweet little place with a cute garden ... I think about it a lot ... who will live there? will they be part of our lives? is it their little dream home?
I have a good feeling about them ....... I hope they find it soon!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx