who are we?

Who are we? How do we see ourselves? Is that who we really are? What makes our identity? Is it what we love to do? Or is it who we are related too ... the daughter of so-and-so or the wife of thingamy-bob, or is it how many kids we have, the job we do, the illness we have, the car we drive, the clothes we wear or what we own ...... but are these things really us ... and are they how we want people to see us?
We are all more than just a few adjectives and can't just be pigeon-holed into one box.
There is also who we want to be ... that shapes how we see ourselves ... what we are not yet, or do not have yet ... but I think that is a negative way of looking at ourselves and our lives. We are all special ... we are all precious ... and we have value.

I think how we see ourselves is very important ... and how we present ourselves to the world and let them see us reflects back on how we end up feeling who we are. A lot of things influence our view of ourselves, but we need to look and see if they are honest views ... if they are true ...

I would describe myself as a dreaming artist still trying out different mediums to be creative in, while following an exciting path that is laid out before me. Looking out for beauty all along the way.

Its all about outlook ... be positive about yourself ... you are worth it ... you are more  than what you think you are ... more than what you have achieved ... more than how you think others see you ... you can be all you dream ... stretch your wings and believe x


  1. what a great post! Very thought provoking! I think it is also the journey we have travelled and how that has shaped us. Now how do I see myself? I would say off the top of my head...

    I am a caring, loving, deep thinking, deeply sensitive, creative person, full of lovely dreams and with great hope for the future! I enjoy all things pretty and even listen for pretty in music and in nature.

    That's it for me for now but maybe I need to think on it some more!

    Thanks for sharing Maria xxx

  2. thank you Teri, I agree that the journey we take makes us who we are too ... as long as we take the positive from our past and not let the negative shape us I think the journey we are on is the most important thing :D
    Thanks again,
    Maria x


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