... my eBay shopping spree has spread to my nails ... I bought some bits from China that arrived this morning ... 24 nail art varnish pens and 1000's of little gems etc to stick on to your nails (Oh what am I turning into??)

They fill up my nail trug perfectly :)

I have a huge list of jobs to get through, but I couldn't wait any longer and had a play ;)

These new nail pens are brilliant, but the glitter ones sadly often came out clear with no glitter ... had to keep shaking, prodding with the tiny pin and wiping it ... I am very pleased with the results though and think the little gems finish it off perfectly ... problem is I now can not do any washing up .... for at least a week ;) hehe!!


  1. When can I book a appointment!? Fab colours, my DD loves getting her nails done, she had them done recently at the school fete and would'nt let us bath her for days. Good luck with your job list! Bx

  2. Your nail trug is certainly more organised than my clip-lock box in which they're all just tossed, no good for my OCD, i feel a sort out coming on (and perhaps an order of some nail gems too!)

    Lovely results btw despite the glitter pen not working too well. :)


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