magpie monday :: ROSES

I have been spending again! ... I did a huge eBay selling blitz the other week and topped up my PayPal account nicely, so couldn't resist a few bits! ... these are a few bits I have got over the last few weeks ...

... a lovely pocket encyclopaedia of roses ... its a lovely old book full of '421 roses in full colour' don't you just love old books! (99p)

This tea plate is 'Saraband' by Colclough and a bargain £1

... this tea plate is 'Coppelia' also by Colclugh and 99p ... I was amazed when this arrived in a tatty old jiffy bag ... in one piece! Some people seem to have no idea about how the post is chucked about! But thankfully it arrived ok.

and this unusual sandwich plate is by Old Foley and was £2.50 ... I love it ... my tea set is growing nicely!

... and for 99p ... this pretty jug ... 'Bridal Rose' by Paragon .... Mum keeps telling me you won't fit much milk in there ... I keep telling her she is missing the point, its pretty! hehe

... how cute is this .... I LOVE IT, TOTALLY LOVE IT ... so cute and only a few quid.

Happy thrifting!
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  1. The tea strainer is so beautiful.

    You sure do love your roses.

    My pomanders (ha! Yes, those!) sold really well on Saturday. The rose pictures together with a choice of Fresh Cut Roses scent were the most popular :0)

  2. I like the roses book best of all.
    You have an eye for pretty things though

  3. The tea strainer is so pretty. Are you going to use it??

  4. you bought it! (the tea strainer) a real topic of conversation isn't it?

    All your finds are so pretty and your tea set must look lovely! How about a photo of it all laid out together? Just for us nosies hehe

    Sadly as things progress here I'm still not finding time to do my magpie mondays...still there's always next week xxx


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