craft a-z

I thought it would be fun to see if I could list an a-z of crafts that I have done .... I don't think I can, but here goes ... these are the first ones that come to mind ...

A :: Applique
B :: Batik
C :: Cardmaking
D :: Drawing
E :: Embroidery
F :: Flower Arranging
G :: Glass Painting
H :: Hardanger Embroidery
I ::
J :: Jewellery Making
K :: Knitting
L :: Lace Making
M :: Macrame
N :: Needlepoint
O :: Origami
P :: Pottery
Q :: Quilting
R :: Rag Rug Making
S :: Sewing
T :: Tapestry
U ::
V ::
W :: Weaving
X ::
Y ~
Z ~

haha ... well I managed most!

The only I I can think of is Iris Folding and U is Upholstery and I haven't done either of them .... my mum came up with yo-yo painting ... but its not really a craft and I can't say I have painted any yo-yos recently haha ... can you think of any crafts beginning with some of these letter? Let me know if you do.


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx