Monday MOODBOARD and happy dance

I knew this was going to be a good week! and it is so far ... and its only Monday afternoon! I got myself a little part time job in a lovely clothes shop in town ... perfect for fitting in around my photography course ... and all my blogging of course! ;)

I have to wear smart-casual and as I am usually casual-slob I thought it was a great excuse to buy a new outfit. hehe.

I was pleased to find this lovely outfit in town ... and ALL reduced!

The top was down to £12, the skirt down to £4 (The Factory Shop) and the shoes down to £15 (Stead and Simpson)!
I thought I had better start wearing the shoes now so they don't rub when I have to wear them all day ... but they are so comfy, I don't think they will rub at all!

Wish me luck, I start on Friday!

and to keep the party feeling ... here is a PARTY TIME MOODBOARD


  1. aww thats great! I'm really pleased for you! an what a lovely outfit :-) you could wear your noa dress too :-) Praying that it will be a great place to work and you will just love it! xxx

  2. You wear such pretty, feminine clothes, I wish I could wear those kind of clothes with confidence. Well done on the new job, enjoy : ) xx

  3. Congratulations! Well done on your thrifty new outfit. No one will know you are such a bargain shopper.

  4. thank you everyone ... I am really looking forward to starting (and being paid! hahaha!)
    Maria x


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