magpie monday :: CHINA AND GLASS

..... I know, I know ... it's another plate ... a kind of in-between size plate though this time ... only £2 from the charity shop ... its Royal Albert ~ Lavender Rose.

And this on was £1 from the charity shop ... I am glad I am finding some larger plates now :D

And this pretty glass jar was £1.45 from the charity shop too .... I am going to have it in my craft corner full of beads or buttons!

Happy thrifting!
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  1. Your white plate is stunning. Bet it will look lush piled with cakes :0)

  2. grt finds the plates are so pretty

  3. What beautiful plates. Since I am all out of cupboard room I can no longer bring in all the ones that catch my eye. That makes mix and match so much fun.

  4. hehe MissieLizzie ... I think most plates are better covered in cake!
    My cupboard is beginning to get full, but I think I can squeeze a few more bits in there!
    Maria x


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