butterfly picture tutorial

I made this cute butterfly picture for my baby nieces 1st birthday ... I am hoping it is something she can keep for years in her bedroom.

1. You Need
You need a box frame ... this one I got holds a picture just bigger than A4
some pretty papers, double sided tape, scissors, a butterfly shape, a pencil and a background sheet.
2. Butterflies
You will need lots of paper butterflies, so I made a stencil by printing out a butterfly that I liked.
and cutting it out
and then drawing it on the back of all the pretty papers ...
... and cutting them out. I cut out about 30.
I then folded the butterflies all slightly so their wings lifted up.
3. Laying them out
I had my nieces name printed onto a sheet of paper that I used for the background and then tried out different layouts for the butterflies to see which I preferred ...
once I had decided where the butterflies would be placed, I marked in pencil little dots (not sure you can easily see in this photo)
4. Sticking
I had to cut the double sided tape into thinner strips, but then stuck it on the back of each butterfly. 
I then started sticking them where the dots where.
until the page was covered ...
making sure that the patterns on the papers were randomly spaced out
5. Framing
I then put it in the box frame 
and I love it ... am so pleased with how it has turned out :)
I would love to see any 3d pictures you make ... hearts would look lovely too


  1. Baban Cat said ...

    Thanks for sharing. I've seen similar made with hearts but I really like the butterflies. These are very pretty. You have so much patience!


    9th Sept 2011

  2. missielizzie said ...

    What a gorgeous gift. i'm sure she'll treasure it forever. Thanks for the tutorial, I'm going to give it a go. Any hints on finding reasonably priced box frames?

    9th Sept 2011

  3. aww, thank you guys :D
    I got this one from the art/stationary shop in town over the summer ... it was £12 so not that cheap ... but then the following week I managed to get some at a car boot for 50p each!! ( http://dotty-maria.blogspot.com/2011/08/magpie-monday_08.html ) but I think you saw them ... I will have a think and let you know if I find any :D
    Maria xx

    9th Sept 2011

    1. just found some simple ones from Panduro Hobby ... http://www.pandurohobby.co.uk/pan/IboxServlet?QRY=frame&p=IXS750&m=1 ... plain, but a good price :D

      9th Sept 2011


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