marias makeover

Ok, enough is enough ... I am sick of being this size ... sick of no diet working and ready for a change of look ... ready for a new me ... a makeover!

This isn't about me not liking myself as a person or my life ... I am very blessed with lovely family and friends, a job I like, hobbies I love and a doggy I adore ... its about me carrying a few extra pounds and wanting to feel happy in the clothes I am in ... to not go into a changing room and coming out feeling depressed ... about my life being better than it has for years and wanting a new look to go with it ... I fancy a new hair style and to try some clothes that I have never been confident enough to wear before.

I am going to join Slimming World again ... I went this Spring and lost just over a stone but since Easter it all seemed to fall apart and I had a break from it over the summer. Although I love the group I went to, it was at 7pm in the evening, which is a horrid time to be weighed ... you end up not eating properly all day and I don't think weighing in the evening gives you a 'true' weight. So I have decided to join a group that is in the morning ... I have extra shifts at work for the next month so I may hold on till after then, and join ... not quite sure yet ... see how I feel next week ... may join then!

I am also going to change my hair ... not sure how yet ... I have very long hair ... hair down to my bum and I want to keep it long, but think I need a bit of a change ... its been long for most of my life.

I also have a fringe, which I am going to grow out and then decide what to do ... so my hair will be like a blank canvas for what ever style I go for! I will be blogging some hair styles I like soon and hope you let me know the ones you like too ;)

Over the last few years I have been thinking I would love a tattoo ... I would like to design my own ... I think I want lace on my ankle so I have decided to get one done when I reach my target weight :D I will show you some designs and ideas sometime too.

I am hoping that letting you know how my diet is going will help me stay on the straight and narrow ... wish me luck!


  1. Well, I think you already look great as you are now, but I wish you all the luck :) I need to try harder with diet/excercise..I lost over a stone last year, but now I need to tone up and that's the hardest part!
    I'd love a tattoo too, and I like the sound of a lace one..will look so pretty! I need to decide what I want for sure before I go for it. xx

  2. Hi Maria,

    I know just what you mean, I already cut my hair short earlier this year, and now I want to go and have one of these personal shoppers pick out some clothes for me.

    I lost a stone and a half, but over the summer I have not been to my class. I know I have put on, and must get back soon.

    Exercise is the key for me. Yoga and walking.

    Good luck with your weight loss.

  3. Feels wrong saying this because I honestly think you look fabulous right now. Your figure is gorgeous and your hair too. I wouldn't change a thing!

    But if you're not happy, then I wish you luck :0)


  4. thanks guys ... I get quite a lot of exercise already ... LOADS of walking as I have a dog and she has a walk every day, I also walk into and back from work which is half an hour each way. I think my big weakness is eating in the evening :(
    I think I have put on some of the weight I lost during the 'many-wedding-&-family-get-together-summer' and that is so depressing after all the hard work of losing!
    Thanks again x Maria x

  5. aww thanks Miss-Lovely-Lizzie :)
    I would like to point out that my sis-in-law was telling me how to pose for that photo (which was taken at a hen party at Easter) and I don't usually look that good! haha
    Maria x


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