I love my FITFLOP's

I bought them back in the beginning of the summer of 2009 so they have lasted really well as they are worn every day when warm enough. They are so comfortable and lovely for even if I have strayed into another pair of shoes (for a wedding or something) and have ended up with blisters, I can put on my FitFlops and even though my blisters and sore feet will have been throbbing before, I can wear the FitFlops straight away and my feet stop hurting.
I have just discovered that FitFlops do boots!! (how excited am I ?? very !! hehe)
The only problem is, they are £175 ... but I bet they are comfy ... don't they look gorgeous! ... They also do clog shoes which are also rather yummy ... they look so comfy too!
I feel some of my savings being spent soon! ;)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx