pin cushion jar tutorial

This great little jar would make a lovely Christmas gift!

1. You Need
You need a kilner jar, one that has a screw lid and detachable seal. Some material, ribbons, beads, glue, needle and thread, stuffing and a pen.
2. Making The Pin Cushion
Lay your material flat and place the round seal part of the lid on it.
Draw a circle around the lid about 1cm bigger all around the edge. The easiest way to do this if you are not feeling confident is to mark a few places around it 1cm away from the ring and then just join the marks. 
... so you end up with a ring like this ... 
Cut out the circle.
Next you need the needle and cotton.
Tie a knot or over-sew (which ever you feel more confident with) and start around the edge of the circle doing a little running stitch.
Keep going until you are all the way around
Slightly gather the stitching so you have a little cup shape
Place it inside the screw part of the lid and gather the stitching so it fits nicely in.
When you have the right size over-sew the stitching so it holds securely.
Using All Purpose Bostick (or an equivalent glue) put a line of glue all around the lip of the lid
Make sure there is glue all around.
Carefully place your gathered material and place it inside the lid so the centre sticks out the hole and the gathered bit is inside. Gently press the gathered edge onto the glue. Make sure it is evenly gathered all around and when you are happy, press down and hold while the glue dries (its quite quick)
When you turn it over it should look like this ... 
Next you need to add the stuffing.
Measure out the right amount ... it need to fill up the material.
Remove the stuffing for a moment and put a line of glue all around the edge of the material, over the stitching. 
Take the seal part of the lid and apply glue all over the top ...
... all over the center but especially all around the edge.
Carefully replace the stuffing and put the seal firmly into the lid and hold until dry. 
You should now have a little pin cushion inside the lid :) 
You could leave your jar like this if you like ... or you may like to add a few little extra bits ... 
3. Decorating The Jar
Take the ribbon and tie it either around the lid or around the neck of the jar. I have used the lid as I wanted to cover up the brass colour, but it is probably better and more secure around the neck.
I have used a couple of ribbons and tied some bows ...
You could add a gift tag or a label too ... 
I have also added some embellishments ... some little pearl buttons.
First I threaded them onto some cotton ... 
... and then bought them together in a cluster and tied a knot in the cotton to keep them like that. 
I then sewed them to the centre of the bow 
... made sure they were all facing out! ... and there you have a pretty little jar!
4. Filling The Jar
Put some pins in the top, fill the jar with a few sewing bit and you have a sweet little sewing set that would make a lovely gift ...
Fill the jar with buttons or ribbons or if some one love cross-stitch you could put some needles in the top and embroidery threads in the jar. 
I hope you have a go and would love to see any you make.


  1. Little Brick House said ...

    This is a lovely tutorial and such a good thing to make!

    1st Oct 2011

    1. thank you :) I really enjoyed making it ... am now trying to think of who to make one for Christmas for :)

      1st Oct 2011


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