magpie monday and moodboard

I have a couple of finds this week ... first this pretty plate to add to my tea set ... its a full size plate, which is what I have been looking for ... £3 from one of my favourite shops in town ... its been a few weeks since I went in there and they are full of lots of lovely goodies that I haven't seen before.

Then from Oxfam I got these very cute little ice cream dishes ... they are only a little bigger than egg cups but are such pretty colours and I love them.

They were £1.99 for the set

... roll on next summer and ice-cream!

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this weeks moodboard is GLASS


  1. Love your ice cream dishes - very cool! Pretty colours too, they'd be great with homemade ice great or sorbet.

    Thanks for linking up x

  2. ooohh ! pretty, pretty, pretty ! I would have snapped up the plate and the ice cream cones too. Don't wait until summer to use them, fill them with winter berries and warm sauce ! yummy, yum yum ! xx

  3. Loving the ice cream dishes, I feel a knickerbocker glory coming on! x

  4. Oh they look so pretty! I think I would have made room in my overflowing Cupboards for those ice cream cones!!

  5. Ooh! I wouldn't have been able to resist the ice cream cones either. Great to find the plate you needed too.


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