I have been doing lots of extra hours at work over the last few weeks, so I have treated myself to a DIANA MINI ... I ordered it on the 2nd and thank you Fred Aldous! Great service, it arrived 2 days later! ... and I LOVE it ...

It is a Diana Mini Jiyu - Freedom and is limited edition in honor of Japans Golden Week .... I just think it is really pretty. Diana cameras take film (you remember that stuff!) and you can get lots of lovely nostalgic effects with it.

I still have a lot of film to go before I can see the pictures I have taken though :/

The strap that came with it is just a thin bit of plastic, now as a Diana Mini is small and not heavy, this is probably strong enough, but it is rather plain and I wondered if being plastic, it would rub.
So I decided to crochet one ...
Luckily I had some cotton in exactly the right colours
I also added a flower on each side to match the body of the camera  ... I am really pleased with how it has turned out :D


  1. Sophie said ...

    She's so pretty! Have fun with her :) xx

    9th Oct 2011

    1. thanks ... meant to get some film in town today, but forgot :(

      9th Oct 2011

    2. Sophie said ...

      the strap is so cute!! Wish I could crochet so I could make myself one! xx

      11th Oct 2011

  2. Teri Coleman said ...

    very cool :-)

    21st Dec 2011


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