magpie monday

Another find for my tea set ... well kinda ... its a coffee cup and saucer ...

tiny, but cute ... it was from the charity shop and was £2.49

Yesterday I went to a car boot sale ... we were a bit late in arriving so the best bits had probably gone, but I still found a few goodies ... this little dish matches some that I have got previously and was only 50p ...

After enjoying completing the jigsaw I bought at the last car boot, I was on the look out and saw this one ... it is double sided (same picture on both sides, but one of them is 90 degrees to the other side) ... I think its going to be VERY hard! ....... hopefully all the pieces are there! It was only 50p.

Lastly I found this Monsoon watch, it needs a new battery, but is in perfect condition and was £3.

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  1. I love that pretty and the dish is lovely too, what a bargain! x

  2. Love your watch, hope you can find a battery for it.

    The cup and saucer set is adorable too.

    Thanks for linking up x

  3. Gorgeous dish! I wonder if it's actually better to get to car boot sales late when the sellers are willing to sell stuff cheap rather than take it home again

  4. Love the watch and the dish and such good prices for them too.

  5. I love the tea cup! I'm obsessed with teacups and teapots, banned from buying anymore though :( The watch is very chic and what a bargain!

  6. Great the tea cup and saucer!

  7. Love the watch and the dish! And your blog is so pretty!


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