show me your stationary

Stationery is my one weakness ... having an artist for a mother and printer for a father has only fed my love of all this paper & pens.

I have been a big fan of FiloFax for about 20 years since my dad first got his (I was a teenager, I would just like to point out! haha) and it wasn't long after that I saved up and got one myself. I didn't stop at one either, and when I became self employed 11 years ago, it was just another excuse to get another ......... well another few if I am honest ... In my time I have had a few, given a few, sold a few and am still left with a few.

I know this seems slightly excessive, but during the 10 years I was self-employed I only had 2 holidays, so I think the odd indulgence in a FiloFax was allowed! haha

My main business one (the big brown one), is now full of everything ... I have graphic and design notes (I make graphics for lots of people and need to keep notes of colour numbers etc), blog ideas, lists of things to do and hundreds of addresses (a lot from when I had a business and probably don't need anymore, but I am loath to get rid of them, cos you never know, I may need that supplier again etc)

I also like to personalise them, making front covers and my own divider pages ...

I would be totally lost with out my big brown one and if I go and stay anywhere its the one that comes with me in my overnight bag.

The large red one at the bottom is fairly new and is for organizing a few 'project' I have in mind ... it hasn't reached its full potential yet, but I am looking forward to having it full and some of the 'projects' up and running.

I am also wanting to make a pretty fabric cover for it ... I have worked out the design, just need to sew it now :)

The personal sized brown is my birthday book and full address too, but these are family and friends addresses. It goes back years of presents I have given for birthdays and Christmas. This is so I don't keep giving my dad the same DVD or my brother the same lego set. It also has my Christmas card list and gift ideas.

Now the little pink on on the top, I have had for a few years and was originally for my hand bag ... its a pocket size and should be perfect for the handbag ... it has a diary, address book, map of the Underground (you know life essentials for living in Herefordshire) ... map of the Uk for that matter ... accounts pages and notes ... but I have never wanted to put it in my handbag ... its such a pale pink, its so pretty and I just know that living in my handbag it would get scuffed and tatty and I just didn't want to do that to it ... ok, I know I am sad, but I like my things kept nice. I also found the diary spaces slightly too small and as its chunky but small, its hard to write in ... this has meant though, that I have ended up with scraps of paper covered in notes etc in my handbag and I hate it ... I wondered about just getting a diary like 'normal' people, but I like to make notes when I think of them when I am out and about and wanted more that just a tiny diary that had no space to write anything ... In my research for a solution I discovered that FiloFax had bought out a NEW organizer ... that was PERFECT!!!

They are like traditional FiloFaxes, but different ... They are available in 3 colours ... pink, grey and black ... and 3 sizes, pocket, slim and A5

they don't have ring binders so are thinner ...

Instead they have pockets ... lots of pockets that you slip in different note books ...

... both the front and back cover have a number of pockets, so the books tuck into each other ...

They come with a note book and a plain jotter, but you can buy a contacts book and diary too.

There is also a pen holder that can be moved to other pockets, so you can have it in the centre on the outside.

I hunted around town but no-one was selling them so ended up getting mine online ... it arrived last week and I have had great fun this weekend filling it will all the info I need for the year ahead ... I now need to wait for another free listing weekend on eBay so I can list my pocket size pink one, to help pay for this new one! .... oh and I need to cover all the note books in pretty papers to personalise it ;)

Please pop over to Molly and the Princess' blog to link up with any great stationery you may have.


  1. Fab collection of Filofaxes - and I love the idea of the Flex, haven't seen those before. I've just gone back to Filofax after a good few years break - really must get round to customising mine and making it pretty like yours!

  2. Ooh I love filofaxes! Just got into them recently after finding a lovely one in TK Maxx for £8.99 (see )

    maudie.made does some pretty inserts

    I haven't seen a Flex in a shop yet, but it does look tempting


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