marias makeover

Well I did it, I re-joined Slimming World after a break of about 3 and a half months ... Its a group that meet/weigh-in in the morning which I think is much better than the evening, where I end up not eating properly all day to try and weigh as little as I can by 7pm. It was a very friendly group, but I do feel kinda sad as its not the same and I did like the old group and our lovely leader ........ the very bad thing is that since the end of June, I have pretty much put on a stone ... all that hard work in the spring in losing it and its mostly all back ... I knew I had as I have been watching its return over the summer whenever I weighed myself :( ....... but its a fresh start now, a new starting place, and I feel ready for it!
Watch this space!
I have been good for one day!

My fringe is still growing out nicely ... I have managed to find some clips that are strong enough to stay in for at least half the day! most clips fall out of my hair after 30 mins.

I have also given my self a side parting as clipped back hair on a centre parting is not a good look ....

It still flops out a little as it needs a little more growing for a side parting, but at least the clip stays in! ..... and its out my eyes!

Well wish me luck as I try and be good for 2 days in a row! ;)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx