I spy Christmas and advent calendar

I have always loved Christmas lights and seeing Christmas trees in people windows, there is something magical about it ... this year my tree spying started last week, I saw one family decorating a huge tree in their bay window :) So last night I snapped a few on my phone on the way home ... (I know they are not great photos)
This is the one I saw them doing last week ... I had to zoom in on my phone, as the house is a bit away from the road so its not a great photo, but the tree is HUGE!
... and the old man who lives here was putting these ones up in the morning, so it was lovely to see it all finished and lit up on the way home.
I know some people go crazy, and its something I wouldn't do myself, but I do love to see it ... it always makes me smile and definitely brightens up a cold walk home after a day at work!

I have done many many many craft fairs in my time, so I know the amazing amount of organizing that goes in to putting one on and being a stall holder, so it has been lovely this year to go as a buyer. On Saturday there were a couple in town, but as I only have a 15 min break for lunch, I was only able to get to one. It was very small with only a few stall, but they were all lovely, and I managed to make the most of my 15 mins and bought a few little treasures.

First I bought this pretty ceramic and button ring, and rings are my one weakness after all ;)

... and I have never been able to resist a ball of wool and this stall was FULL of lovely mohair balls of wool, all beautiful shades ... so I bought this one ... not sure what I will make with it ... they also gave me instructions for a snood, but not sure I need another scarf ... I am wondering if I can use it to make some sort of Christmas decoration.

I also have a huge weakness for Christmas decoration and so treated myself to this sweet little beaded snowflake ... its already up on my tree looking very sparkly.

I hope, if any of you are doing Christmas fairs this year, have a really great day.

and to add to todays Christmas blog post ...

please click on the door for some lovely Christmas-ness.


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