magpie monday and advent calendar

I was mooching around the shop the other week and saw this in one of my favourite charity shops ...

I know the film for it can be expensive, but for occasional fun I thought it was a bargain at £4.99

My boss at work was clearing out a load of buttons that working in a clothes shop we seem to collect ... she was just going to bin them, but I smiled sweetly and came home with them. Now some are pretty boring and probably wont keep, but there are some pretty flower ones and ones that are quite unusual ... not sure what I am going to do with them yet, but my button jar always welcomes new friends :)

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and for a touch of Christmas ... here is todays door ...

please click on the door for some lovely Christmas-ness.


  1. Button lust!

    I've seen some lovely little button wreaths for Christmas decorations - maybe you could use the plainer ones for those?


  2. ooh great idea, thanks :D
    Maria x

  3. Teri Colemans said ...

    ok I think I might have gone crazy with this!! fun though..until I decided I had wasted too much time on it hehe

    16th Dec 2011


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