painting a plate

Did you make many gift this year? I didn't make as many as I wanted to, but I would like to share this one with you ... My Auntie and Uncle have moved down the road which is really lovely having some family so near. They spent Christmas day with us too. I find making gifts for men is especially hard, and was originally thinking of getting him an AppleMac mug, but couldn't find a funny one. I then thought that I could paint my own ... then I had a brainwave. My Uncle is full of silly funny sayings that he likes to repeat ... one is a great grace that he says ... 'Thank you Lord for my dinner and bless my wife who is a winner' ... so I decided to paint it onto a dinner plate.

I haven't done ceramic painting for years, so had to buy a new set of paints.

I worked out with a 6B pencil the wording onto the rim of the plate, so I would fit it on ...

... and then using lots of colours I painted ...

I am really pleased with it, and I think he liked it :)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx