Well its here at last ... can you believe it! ... New year has never been a good time for me (and thats putting it mildly) but as I face this one, I know it will be different. 2010 was a bad year ... 2011 was a bit better 2012 is going to be SO MUCH better :)

I have lots of dreams for 2012 ....... here are some of the less ambitious ones ...
  1. Save up for a Macro lens
  2. Visit Edinburgh
  3. Go see a comedy show
  4. Try some new tea's
  5. Visit the tulip fields in Holland and take lots of photos
  6. Try some different hair plaits in my hair!
  7. Find some more lovely bargains
  8. Go to bed earlier
  9. Visit somewhere new once a month
  10. Keep in touch with far away friends better
  11. use my felt making kit that I got over a year ago (eek)
  12. try lino printing
  13. make more of the presents that I give this year
  14. sort through my beads and have a good sort out
  15. finish at least 2 of my samplers
  16. save up for a dress makers mannequin (could be hard as am saving up for a camera lens too)
  17. make a patchwork quilt for Dilly-Dogs wicker bed
  18. list more in my supply shop (I have got lots to list ... just need to get them photographed & listed)
  19. knit a pair of socks (I know ... still not done it)
  20. do up an old farm house (not really going to happen, but its a dream haha)

I have managed to lose over a stone this last year ..... and put it back on (I know, I know ... that's not how you are meant to do it!) So I plan to do better this year ... lose a lot more than a stone ... AND keep it off!

I am going to try and do Maria's Makeover more regularly ... I know this will be dull for a lot of you, but its a way for me to stay focused.

So do you have any resolutions? Goals? Dreams for 2012? I hope they all come true for you x


  1. Teri Coleman said ...

    cool! sounds very good! have fun with it all :-) and may you get your dream! xxx

    1st Jan 2012


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