marias makeover :: week 1

Well here I am ... brand new year ... starting again ... I have wiped clean my MyFitnessPal ticker, so the slate is clean ... no lingering failure of last year (or the previous years) hanging over me ... a new start :D

I have weighed myself this morning ... lets just say that all the eating and drinking over Christmas and New Year have shown on the scales! hehe ... I knew they would, but enjoyed them anyway. I am going to take it one step at a time ... keep focused on 1lb at a time. I have also measured and will try and keep up with that once a week too, so if the scales seem to stand still one week (.... one week ... get me being all optimistic! haha) then I will hopefully see a change in my measurements.

So my rules are basically to eat healthy and pretty much cut out sweet things. I am going to not nibble between meals, drink more water and not eat in the evening. I do lots of walking anyway, but I may increase that.

I have been looking at different styles/clothes and ideas .. this is one I love ...

Very feminine ... love the lace dress and tights with boots :)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx