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Spindles End by ROBIN MCKINLEY
I was so excited to start this book. I have loved every one of Robin McKinley's books that I have read so far and this adaptation of Sleeping Beauty was no disappointment. Sleeping Beauty is not one of my favourite fairy tails, there are parts of the story that I don't like .... that she did not grow up with her parents and the heartbreak that this would have caused them ... that she either didn't know the prince before he woke her up, or that they hardly knew each other (I like stories where couples get to know each other) in some versions the prince is a bit of a faceless character and we don't really know him ... but Robin has managed to handle these bits of the story well and as she always does, she has a twist at the end!

If you love fairy tails you will love this book, full of magic, family, great characters and romance.

I read late into the night and didn't want to turn out the light.


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