Want to hear a weird story ... a weird coincidence ...

My dad has 4 sisters and when they were kids they went for holidays in Polperro, Cornwall. One year when he was about 15, he was with a couple of his sisters and watching the boats ... there was a man taking photos of the harbor ... my dad and his sisters asked if he wanted them to move, but he said no, they added to the photo. Later they got talking to the man and asked him what he did with the photos, he said 'all sorts, some are made into postcards, some jigsaws and some calendars.

Years went by and my auntie (one of his sisters who had been there that day) bought a second hand jigsaw of Polperro as it bought back memories of their lovely holidays there.

It wasn't until she was making it though, did she think 'I recognise that back .... that my brothers back!'

.... and there they were ... sitting watching the boats ... the three of them !!!


  1. haha thats great! what a lovely story! I don't suppose anyone will be parting with that jigsaw! xx


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