magpie monday :: TEA SET

A freeby this week ... well actually a really lovely gift :)

My Auntie saw that I was collecting vintage china and offered me her tea set. She has just moved and now doesn't really have room for it.

There is a set of tea cups, saucers and tea plates, jug, sugar bowl and tea pot.

It has pretty harebell flowers on and is in excellent condition.

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  1. What a gorgeous set, harebells are so pretty and delicate! Hooray for aunties I say, I got some vintage china from mine for Christmas.

  2. That's a gorgeous gift, aren't you lucky!

    Harebells are one of my favourite wild flowers. x

  3. Oh so pretty. I hope you're going to invite some friends to afternoon tea to try it out properly.

  4. such a pretty teaset lucky you x

  5. Pretty china - my mother in law has a very similar set


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