marias makeover :: week 2

Well I lost 1 lb this week ... that's not a lot ... not much really, but considering all I have done in the last 6 months is put on .... its really quite great! I want to lose more than 1 lb a week really, but for week 1 when there is still a lot of Christmas nibbles left and I still wanted to eat in the evening (by the end of the week, I was better) I am pretty happy .... hey ... its going in the right direction :)
I haven't measured yet, I must remember to do that tonight ... but I have been looking at hair styles ... I would just LOVE hair like this .... LOVE LOVE LOVE it ...
Anne Hathaway looking gorgeous.

I have also been looking at hair tutorials as I have been wanting to put more plaits in my hair ... this one is just gorgeous ... I think my hair is too long to tuck up at the end, but I could just have it continuing as a plait or ponytail down my shoulder.

I am going to practice

Well happy dieting if you are on one and happy munching if you are not ;) haha


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  2. 1lb may not be much, but it's still a start!


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