want to take more photos?

I have seen that a lot of New Years Resolutions are to take more photos and I just wanted to invite anyone who is interested to join us/link up with a little photo project that's some friends and I do each week.
Its called Friendship Vignettes (or FV as we have shortened it too) and it started out with a friend of mine and me who hadn't seen each other for years, taking a photo on a theme that we had taken it in turns to pick.
It has now been going for over a year and we have now been joined by a few others ...... 70 weeks to be precise ... I just counted ...... I am quite chuffed as I haven't missed a week :)

To join us is very easy ... pop over to our blog or facebook page to catch up with the weeks theme. Take your photo and either blog it on your blog and link up on Thursdays (each week we have a post with a link available at the bottom) or you can upload it up to our facebook page ... or email it me and I will add it to the FV blog post.

These are my photos over the last 70 weeks ... can you guess what each theme is?

Originally we did try and make it so that we took as many photos outside as possible ... but that seems to sometimes have slipped by the wayside. I think I will try that as a goal for me again this year.

Well if you would like to join us, you would be most welcome and this weeks theme is METALLIC and next weeks theme is SHABBY.

Happy snapping x


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx