magpie monday :: GLASS

Lovely Glass ...... I have been looking for a cake stand for ages and I saw this one in my favourite antiques shop in town on Saturday.

Its not very big (16cm in diameter and 7.5cm tall)

It has a slight green tinge to it ... it was £6 ... and is in perfect condition :)

Saturday was also a good charity shop day ... I found this pair of pretty pink glass vases ... I have a bit of a weakness for pink glass, so I snapped these up.

... they were £2.49 the pair.

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  1. great finds i love the pink glasses x

  2. What beautiful glass.

    I adore the cake stand. I think I prefer glass ones to china. x

  3. I have such a thing for cake stands and have amassed quite a collection from charity shops and the like, yours is lovely.

  4. Beautiful finds, especially the cake stand. I have a vintage china cake stand, decorated with violas, which is really pretty but I'm on the look out for a glass one. My Mum offered to buy me a modern one, but I politely declined. I'd rather wait to find an old one.

  5. Very pretty especially the cake stand.

  6. lovely finds, I have a weakness for glassware too :)

  7. Beautiful little cake stand - a really good find for only £6

    The pink glass would look great with ice cream in it :-)


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