marias makeover :: week 4

Well I did something stupid ... I weighed myself while I had my friend to stay ... my friend who comes every month ... makes me eat more ... makes me eat naughty things ... makes me swell up and makes me just want to curl up with a hot water bottle ... I knew I shouldn't have weighed ... she always makes me put on ... but I know its only cos she is here ... once she goes in a few days, I will be back to normal ......... so I will ignore my weigh in this morning ... it doesn't count!
My iPod nano arrived and I have done a few power walks, so I want to up that this week ... sadly the watch strap has not arrived yet, so I am just having to have it in my pocket as clipping it on to my clothes is too fiddly this time of year when you have gloves and a thick jacket on ... but I am expecting it to arrive tomorrow :)

I saw this photo on Pinterest ... this is the body I want to have ... this is my goal ;) ....... I have the right proportions .... I'm just 'slightly' larger! haha

Here is my photo of me for this week ... I am a bit flushed as I have just come in from walking home in the cold.


  1. Ooh I like your dress! (it is the dress, right?) Haha.

  2. haha ... yes it is 'the' dress ;)


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