if you popped round ...

I would hold Dilly-dog back while she tried to welcome you in her own lovely way ;)

I would move Dilly-dog's blanket off the comfy chair so you could sit down.

I would offer you a cuppa tea and apologize that we have no biscuits in the house.

I would ask you how your day has been.

I would tell you that I have just signed up to Weight Watchers OnLine and that I really hope it works.

I would tell you about the re-fit at work and how stunning it looks there now!

I would ask you if you had found any great bargains recently.

I would share my worries about not managing to get much of my photography course work done recently and that I feel like I am falling behind on all my projects.

I would tell you that I was looking forward to the Spring.

I would get Dilly-dog to do her roll-over party trick for you.

I would confess that I am really enjoying watching The Lying Game on C5 ;)

I would probably offer you another cup of tea, as I drink lots!

I would hope we could do it again!


  1. Good luck with WeightWatchers Online - it worked for me!

    1. thank you, I ordered all the booklets and they only arrived at the weekend. So I have only really started today.
      Maria x


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