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Welcome to another 'Tips and Wrinkles' ... here I will pass on some useless and hopefully useful tips ...

I suffer from chronic glandular fever ... this means that as I have mentioned before, I have glands up most of the time and some constantly. The right side of body is worse effected and the ache and pain is sometime so bad especially in my arm. My mum has been wearing a copper bangle for her joints for years, and just before Christmas I decided to try one myself ... copper with magnets ...

My wrist is pretty small so even though its the narrowest one I could get, I had to squash it up (and it is very hard to bend!) ... which means I can't take it off at night ... so I have it on all the time.

Within the first week I noticed the difference ... although my glands are still up, the constant ache in my arm had gone!

I did find that having a solid bangle on my wrist really annoying though ... I am not used to it and although close to my skin, it catches on everything and clunks against my wrist. I did take it off a few weeks ago for a couple of days ... I can't say that the pain returned in just 2 days, but I was aware of my arm and a slight ache so I put it back on.

I have decided to try one that has links in, so should be more comfortable. It is a bit more expensive (the copper one was £2.99 and this one is £9.99) This new one also has more magnets so may work even better!

It hasn't arrived yet, only ordered it on Saturday night :)

Do you have aches and pains?? why not try one!


  1. i love this copper bracelet, its very pretty!!! x x


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