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Did you see my last Magpie Monday post? I managed to find the sweetest salt and pepper pots. Well during my search I came across this little fella .... I say little ... he is actually quite big .... 10cm tall.

This was the photo from the listing ... it arrived so filthy that when I started washing it, what I thought was paint was just smoke-dirt ....... and it STINKs ... stinks of smoke ... anyway it all came off ... paint and dirt and all.

I have kept the eyes (they aren't as dark as the top picture shows) but it still stinks!!! Any ideas how to get rid of the smell? ........ soak it in perfume?

Not sure I want to keep it now, and I definitely won't be using it for salt.

My nice buy though, was these pretty pink glass candle sticks ...

You know what a sucker I am for some pink glass ...

and they were only 99p on eBay :)

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  1. Pretty candle holders!

    Poor doggie. I wonder if you put it in a plastic tub with some bicarb that would take the smell away?

    1. oh, thanks for the hint ... I will give it a go :)

  2. This blogpost makes me want to stock up on pink glass ;-)

  3. Bicarb seems like a good idea, Kim & Aggie always use it!

    1. ooh must work then! will give it a go, thanks x

  4. Pink glass! Very pretty and different!


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