marias makeover :: week 8

This makeover is going slow isn't it!!! haha ....... I have been working lots of extra days in the last few weeks and my focus has not been on my diet :/ But I have made a decision ... plodding along on my own has not been working ... so I have signed up with Weight Watchers OnLine.

I did Slimming World last year and my general-healthy-eating has been based on that since .... but I need a change ... I need to do something simple ... but I hate weighing in the evening ... I never eat properly during the day before weighing in and online seems so much easier ... I only got all the leaflets through at the weekend though, so today has been my first day. The diet seem very simple to follow and I love that I can use an app on my phone too to keep note of what I eat, look up points and get ideas.

Happy dieting if you are on one and happy munching if you are not!


  1. My Nan used weight watchers a few years back, and found it really easy to keep on track :) Good luck!

    1. thanks .... I am just about to pop to Morrisons to see what weight watchers snacks I can buy .... and to get more hair dye!


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