marias makeover :: week 9

WHOOOOO! 2lb off :)Thank you Weight Watchers OnLine, you seem to be working!
It is amazing how losing a few pounds can make you even more determined!
In a way, last week was week 1 again ... but I guess the struggle is part of the story.
The secret does seem to be writing down what you eat ... I am rubbish at it, but I have been better this week than ever before:)

can you see that I am 2lb slimmer .... I don't think its gone off my face ;) haha

Happy dieting if you are on one and happy munching if you are not!


  1. Hi Maria. I am so happy to hear your weight loss is going well! I am still losing a steady one pound a week, but last week I somehow lost 2 pounds, not sure what I did, but i'd certainly do it again if I did! Best of luck. :) xxx

    1. Thank you Sharon, so glad you have done so well this week! Maria x


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