some random facts about me

I am a total last minute packer.
I drink lots of tea.
I like a wide variety of music ... this probably means I have bad music taste, but I don't care!
I can not holler-hoop (or is it hooler-hoop?)
I can not spell (see above!)
I enjoy my own company.
I don't like sweetcorn.
I can write backward (mirror writing)
I have always liked pink.
I am a home-body, but I also love traveling!
I am very weak willed when it comes to chocolate.
I love my iPhone ... but I think you already know that as I have blogged about it for the last 3 years! haha
I can not go to bed early no matter how hard I try.


  1. Hoola Hoop I think ;-) and I can't either! you and I have similar taste in music so if you have bad taste so do I!!!


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