bookshelf :: PEGASUS


I loved this book ... another great one by Robin Mckinley ... It's about a Princess who lives in a land that was once overrun but beasts that kill the native Pegasi. When the humans arrived 800 years before this story begins, a treaty is made between the Pegasi and humans and humans fight off all the beasts. Since the treaty was made the royalty of both species are bonded together when they are 12 ... unfortunately though they can only communicate through the specially selected speaker who translates for them. When Princess Sylvi is bonded to Ebon though they find that they communicate direct to each others minds. As their bond grows more powerful the truth behind the history of the treaty is threatening to destroy the peace and safety of their two worlds.

I found the last few chapters of the book hard to read though ... they seemed to drag on a bit ... but I am glad I stuck it out and if you like horses, fantasy and an unusual tale then this is the book for you!


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