marias makeover :: week 10

WHOOOOOOOOO! another 2lb off :)
And its not felt that hard!
Big grin.
Happy face :)
And I got wolf-whistled at ... now I know that happens more in the Summer-time, when the builders are out ... and it was a sunny day ... but still ... its been a few months since it happened last ... maybe the whole 4lb that I have lost is showing! hahaha

I have to just share something with you ... I work for a locally designed and locally made brand of womens clothing ... Jumping Ships ... and I now have a dress named after me! Being a big dress wearer, this is very exciting for me! hehe ... hopefully soon available in other colours and prints!

here is my photo of me for this week ...

Happy dieting if you are on one and happy munching if you are not!


  1. Well done Maria! :) I really want to start going to the gym, but completely lack any self discipline! The new Lucy dress looks lovely on you!


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