if you popped round this evening

If you had popped round this evening

... you could have joined me on the sofa where I have had a very lazy night watching movies from the 80's.

... you could have joined me for many cups of tea and got tangled in my crochet ... yes, I am making another blanket ...

... I would have told you that I am hoping to go to Edinburgh for a few days ... hopefully next week.

... you could have looked out on to our garden and seen the new raised beds at the end that we have for vegetables.

... I would have shown you that I had spent some of the day playing on my blog and widened it ........ what do you think?

... we could have looked at Pinterest together and been inspired by what we found.

... I would tell you that my mum has started painting again ... she has been working on an enchanted forest ... just had them made into greetings cards ...

... I would have offered you another cup of tea and hoped we could do it again.


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx