happy handbag and holiday

I had some nice post this morning ... I have been looking for the perfect handbag ... didn't you just get one I hear you say ... a Clippy one ... well yes I did ... and I love it, but its quite large and doesn't close at the top ... I will still use it for when I have day trips/lots to take somewhere, but for every day use, I need something that closes and not so big! So my hunt for the perfect handbag started again ... I looked at all my favourite shops on line ... but none seemed quite right. Then I found it ... from Cath Kidston ... in the sale too! ... but when I went to buy it, it had sold out :( .......... so I turned to go old eBay ... and found one NEW and a very good price too! .... happy me ... and it came this morning .... I love it ... its perfect ... it has roses on ... its a great size and has lovely magnets on the clasp ... I can fit all my handbag crap in it and there is still room for more ... yey!

In other news .... I have some holiday owing to me and I need to take it soon ... so if all goes according to plan I am heading to Edinburgh for a few days next week with my mum ... I can't wait ... its on my to do list for this year ... it is only for a couple of days but we are going to cram as much in as we can :)


  1. I still have 2 holiday days owing to me... Going to try take the next couple of Fridays off and have some long weekends! :)

    1. oh good plan ... I am just hoping I can fit mine in!

  2. Hey Maria, Have a good time chilling out. Love the Cath Kidston bag!


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