marias makeover :: week 11

Stayed the same this week ... but totally happy with that as its the 'I know what, lets bloat up and curl up with a hot water bottle week' so I am just happy I haven't put on :)

Holiday news: I am off to Edinburgh on Thursday till Sunday for a few days ... I can't wait ... it will be a few days filled or should I say crammed full of exploring and discovering Edinburgh :) I am hoping that all the walking will make a difference on next weeks weigh in.
.... watch out for some photo heavy blog posts coming up!

Happy dieting if you are on one and happy munching if you are not :)


  1. I had the same week! Didn't lose anything or gain anything, and the hot water bottle moments as well. Have a wonderful time in Edinburgh, it is about an hour away from where I live. :) I hope the weather behaves for you! It has been nice so far... Xxx


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