magpie monday :: GLASS OF WINE

More glass ... more pink glass ...

theses pretty pink assorted wine glasses were 99p for the 3 from eBay ... with a little bit of p&p ... perfect to add to my pink collection!

... then I saw these (they are a bit more amber than pink, but still very pretty) ... I was away last week so was bidding via my phone and didn't notice that the seller was from the same town as me and she kindly dropped them round and refunded my p&p (what a lovely eBayer!) before I had even got home ... they were also only 99p for the pair :)

I was out on Saturday enjoying the sunshine and saw this pretty top in The British Heart Foundation shop window ...

It is from Next and was £4.75 ... in perfect condition. It looks like its made from vintage scarves (although I know its not) but the material is silky like them too.
... just need some more sunshine!

Anyone for a glass of wine?
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  1. Love a good ebay story! What a lovely seller.

    Such pretty glasses too. x

  2. Pretty glasses! I saw a pink glass perfume bottle at a car boot in Hereford & thought of you! I had run out of money by that point though... Oops! (I only took £10!)

  3. Love your pretty coloured glasses. The top is gorgeous too, but I can't bring myself to buy anything that has a next label : (

  4. Loving the coloured glasses and that top is really pretty x

  5. You're really good at finding pink glass!


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