I love ...

I love cheese

I love summer dresses in pretty vintage material

I love clean washing on the line, blowing in the breeze

I love cups of tea ... any time of the day or night

I love balls of wool

I love note books full of ideas and lists

I love photos of the people I love

I love marzipan ... especially when I am sharing it with my best friend

I love painted toe nails in the summer and toe rings

I love roses and flowers cascading down an old wall or against some iron railings

I love watching my dog running through the fields

I love plaits in my hair

I love blogging and making pretty graphics

I love my family & friends

I love photography apps and vintage photos

I love traveling ... anywhere ... even at night!

I love making anything I can and pretty storage boxes

I love listening to stories & live music

I love woods and trees

I love rings

I love watching a good detective series

... and I love my dog


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx