birthday bex

It's my best friends birthday today ... but she is more than my best friend ... she is my sister ... I, who wanted a sister all my life, have now had one for 12 years! She married my brother just so I could have a sister (haha .... it had nothing to do with loving him!)

I was thinking of putting up some embarrassing photos of her, but to be honest there are not that many ... she is so photogenic, she just looks great in them!

So instead I am going to say 'Have a really lovely day and I wish I was there to share it with you ... have a lovely time with your mum and enjoy the take-away that I am sure you will be having ;) .... love you loads'

Oh, and here are some words that make me think of you ...
Christmas eve

Happy Birthday Bex x


  1. Aw thank you! This is a lovely birthday present! Trust me, you could take pictures of me now and you wouldn't think I looked great...more like a beached whale! Right, time to go eat some marzipan...! Love you xxx

  2. It's my Mum's birthday today too, and mine tomorrow :)


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