love my nails

I have been having a Spring Clean ... a sort out ... and a clear out ... there is something about the Spring that makes me want to clear out under the bed and buy new make up ... and this Spring is no different ... I have been through my nail varnishes, (among other things) and got rid of colours I don't use and ones that are past their best ... this of course made me want to buy some more (!!) and so I was thrilled to see that Boots have an offer on at the moment ... buy 2 get one free on make-up! ... so I made up a pretty colour pallet ...

what do you think? ... I love them all ... so put them all on ... (except the clear one)

(The thumb colour is the same colour as the ring)

Any of you Spring Cleaning?


  1. Gorgeous! I love boots' deals. I've used that offer twice in the past 3 weeks now hehe. I bought 3 nail art pens with the offer last weekend :) xx

  2. I love my nails too, got a HUGE collection of nail varnish now! I'm sure it'll keep growing though. Did you see my post on magnetic nail polish?


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