magpie monday :: BOWLS

Can you guess what I have been buying ... yep, more glass :) ... glass, specifically pink glass, is what I currently in the zone for ... I tend to go through phases in my bargain hunting ...china, salt and pepper pots, books, glass ...

this pretty pink bowl was 99p on eBay ... its a medium size bowl ... you think I have enough pink glass yet ... maybe it's time to go on to my next phase.

And then when I was killing time in town I found this pretty divide dish

PERFECT condition :)

and only £1.00!!

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  1. Lovely items, I've had to stop myself buying glass as I have so much but the pink one would definitely have been adopted. :D

  2. Beautiful finds, I seem to go through phases with my thrifting too.

  3. I guess you could safely say you are in the pink. Great finds.

  4. I'm really liking your pink glass period! I wonder what your next phase ill be?

  5. Love your pink glass. I always buy it when I can find it. Not too keen on plain glass items, too hard to sell on.

    I did find some stunning turquoise candle sticks this week though xx

  6. I love the divide bowl, I've got a very similar one languishing in my kitchen somewhere. Sadly I'm not domesticated enough to use it more than twice a year. New House resolution may have be to use pretties more.


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