Offa's Dyke

I used to dream of walking around the world, of doing something amazing, traveling and seeing the whole world ... but my life didn't work out like that, I have seen some of the world and have loved traveling, and they have been in 6 month and 3 month and 1 month trips ... but I still have the dream of walking.

I have quite a yearning to walk around Scotland ... have had since I was little, but this would mean lots and lots of time off work ... An easier thing to do would be walk along Hadrian's Wall - 84 miles and would take about 10 days ... but then I realised that I live in Herefordshire, near the Welsh border and there is a great walk much much nearer!!

OFFA'S DYKE is like Hadrian's Wall ... but it runs along the border of England and Wales and is a bit longer ... well twice as long actually ... but as it's pretty much on my doorstep, so should be a lot easier to get to.

I have been talking to my mum, who also loves walking and we have decided to go for it ... to walk the 177 miles!

We are not sure exactly when we are going to do it, but it will be this Summer. We also may have to split it into sections, depending on getting time off work etc. We still have lots of details to work out ... and a lot of training to do! I already walk every day ... usually for about an hour (walking into work and back/walking the wooflet) but I know this is going to be a big step up from that! I am looking forward to the challenge, and all the countryside we are going to see!

I will keep you posted with how my blisters come on! haha
may even do it as a sponsored walk


  1. Thats a great Idea and something to work towards! I look forward to following your journey :-)

  2. Lovely of you to raise money for charity while doing it! I have walked about a mile of it in Knighton because all my friends live there :P


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